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Exciting things! If you are here, you must be interested in being one of the favorite people in the office to organize a coffee delivery! It can happen in 5 simple steps! 

1. Inquire! 

And you are already in the right spot to do that. Below there is a question box for you to give us information so we can get you on the schedule. There we will need to know your Name, Where we are delivering too, How many drinks, date and time preference, and if one person is paying or if everyone is paying individually. 

2. Secure a date (here is where you wait on me to get back to you :))

3. Receive the order form from me and then send out to your guests/team to fill out. This will give us all the names and orders. 

4. Collect/Make payment. This will either be by invoice or cash depending on which you select. We are working on a way for individuals to pay online for those delivieries but don't quite have that nailed down. 

5. Open the door for your delivery! We generally just deliver to your school or office door and then you are in charge of getting them to the individual or calling them up to the front desk. Its not super effecient for for us to roam the schools looking for the names on the doors ;) But all the drinks will have the names and orders on the cups. We also bring them in large insulated carriers to keep them fresh! 

Reserve a spot

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