Bagged Coffee
  • Bagged Coffee

    12 oz bag of  Whole bean Coffee so you can enjoy it at home! 

    Choose from our Sumatra, Ethiopian, Decaf or Flagship Espresso.


    SUMATRA (medium/dark roast)

    Grown on the Volcanic Island of Sumatra in

    Indonesia, this coffee is known for its low

    acidity, smoothness, and delightful full body.

    This distinctive coffee is named after the

    island’s Mandailing people group. Enjoy

    the sweet syrupy body with flavor notes of

    baking spice, tropical fruit, and sweet herbs.


    ETHIPIA YIRGACHEFFE (light roast) 

    The original bean that hooked the world.

    That’s right, this is where it all started.

    Enjoy this wonderful, small batch roasted

    coffee that has a smooth soft mouth feel,

    with fruity berry and  some nuttiness with

    a hint of sweet ripe cherry. Grown in the

    Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia.