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Our desire is to spread joy one cup at a time because of Jesus who is the source of my joy and hope. Whether in jars delivered to your front porch, over the counter in our shop, through the windows of the camper at a regular stop, or at your special event, we are here to serve you and are so thankful to have several avenues to do that. We strive to provide quality drinks and customer service that you deserve. 

Our favorite part about the coffee business is the people. Hands down. Our team, customers, and all others I have met through this.  I would have never guessed I would have a team of amazing baristas! It is a huge blessing to watch them grow and learn together. Not only in their coffee skills, but how they interact with you, our customers. I smile every time I walk into the shop or am in the camper  and see them sharing their favorite drink idea, catching up with you about your weekend, listening to what you have to say, etc. It also brings me great joy to see people using our space to meet and celebrate friendships. I have loved getting to know so many of our regulars. There are towns like Goodfield and Germantown where I barely drove through before, and now I feel like I know half the town :) That right there is amazing and so fun! The connection that coffee has never ceases to amaze me. I pray I never forget the beautiful opportunities, memories, and people that God has brought into my life through this adventure. 

Thanks for following along!


We want to be able to serve you where you are. That may be in our shops, or It may also be at your event or workplace. We love serving all of you and seeing your smiling faces when you take a sip of our drinks. Our dream is to spread joy and we're doing it, because of you. Thanks for believing in us! Follow along on social media to stay up to date on the services we offer. 



FaireCoffee started as a dream back when I was 15. I loved the idea of serving coffee and the connection and community that it brought. I had no idea how to go about starting a business so I just kept this idea and pondered it for a while.


In college I started looking into it more and what I wanted it to look like. The idea of being able to bring a unique coffee experience to people where they are at is what sparked the mobile idea. I started working at a local coffee shop to gain experience and shared my plan with my employers as I wanted to be transparent.


Long story short 1.5 years later at the age of 19 I purchased the mobile unit (Windy) with very little idea what I was doing. My family and I, as well as some friends, spent the summer of 2018 renovating Windy and getting the business plan together.


We had our first private event in October of that year. It was amazing to see it come together but very rough! It was very much a minimal viable product. We did not have all our equipment installed & we broke a water pump minutes before the event. A lot was learned :)


After that we spent 4 more weeks working on it and opened for our first public event in November. It was so rewarding and encouraging to be able to see people enjoy the fruit of our labors. We kept a light schedule until spring 2019 when I went full time. That spring I was ready to quit so many times! I mean when axles break and generators die it’s not exactly fun. Thankfully my family didn’t let me quit so easy :)


Now, I am ever so grateful for that! I would have never imagined to be where we are today, with the beautiful privilege we have of serving all of you! Thank you for following along!





During the time of name contemplation my mind was rushing with everything I wanted it to stand for. Faith, legacy, connection, community, intentionality, cultivation, taking time, making memories, good coffee :) After a few months of word maps and searching dictionaries, I came to faire. In short this is the heart behind our name. 

Faire (french)

(verb) to make. 

To make new that which is old;

To make moments into memories ;

To make connection and bring joy;

While making time for the important 

To make coffee. 

French because some of my ancestors are from Switzerland (french speaking. There is the legacy aspect.


To make new that which is old; - when we give our lives to Christ, he makes us a new creature. Turns our brokenness into beauty. The faith aspect. 


To make moments into memories ; - we love our private events where we can share in your special moments. 


To make connection and bring joy; - coffee connects people - just a fact of the matter :) We are privileged to be a part of that. 


While making time for the important; - studying Gods word quietly in our shop, meeting with friends or family and cultivating relationships, taking time out of your day to invest in others or take them a drink to show you care. This is intentional cultivation. 


To make coffee. - well that’s what we do :)  

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